Colby Jansen’s Latest Photo Shoot is Sexiness Personified

There's kind of no denying just how insatiably good looking Colby Jansen really is. 

His buff, chiseled features that combine with a fantastic amount of body hair has definitely revved the engines for millions of his fans over several years. He must be doing something right, as Instinct Magazine just named him one of the ten most influential gay porn stars of the 2010 decade alongside Rocco Steele, Sean Zevran and many more.

Colby's popular Instagram page (125,000 followers and counting) is a mixture of professional photos and super sexy selfies that consistently show him in a state of dress and undress. His latest photo shoot, however, just might be his sexiest one yet.


photo credit: @ivanavilaphotography

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He worked with photographer Ivan Avila, whose background in the field that he works in is expertly diverse (check out more of his work here and here). With a simple black backdrop, Ivan was able to find ways to accentuate Colby's body and handsome face in various forms of red clothing items from boots to hoodies and more. 

Another set of photos that were taken in black and white show Colby in nothing but a jock strap and looking his usual sexy self. What sets this apart, compared to other pics of men in this sort of attire, is that there is an art to what Ivan has been able to accomplished, where you can appreciate the aesthetic and the craftsmanship that goes into the finished work.


Focused. #MuscleDaddy #Bearded #BearDaddy photo credit @ivanavilaphotography

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See the NSFW photo below for a great start to your holiday weekend. 



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