Cooper Tells Us The T On His Separation From Ben Maisani. All Good?

Silver fox is on the loose!  Well, kind of. 

Anderson Cooper has finally confirmed that he has split up with his longtime boyfriend, Ben Maisani.

Many feel that Ben and Anderson (did we ever call them Benderson?) had been on the rocks for some time as many reported seeing Cooper with another man.  But gay men can have platonic gay friends, right?  Well, some thought that a Dallas, Texas man, Dr. Victor Lopez, was gracing Cooper's presence a little too much for just being friends as well as over the Christmas holiday time period.

Being all newsy and the like. Mr. Anderson Cooper officially announced that:

“Benjamin and I separated as boyfriends some time ago. We are still family to each other, and love each other very much. We remain the best of friends and will continue to share much of our lives together.” – ETCanada

Spies everywhere!  got the scoop that the men are still living together as they report seeing both Both Cooper and Maisani leaving their home on Tuesday.

We wish them both a good separation, if that is what they want and needs.  

Have you stayed friends with your ex? Exes?  

Do you still live with your ex?



4 thoughts on “Cooper Tells Us The T On His Separation From Ben Maisani. All Good?”

  1. I was with my Ex from 1983 –

    I was with my Ex from 1983 – 1999   it was one of the most Devastating things I had to face on Breaking Up.  He was Military, & being it was before Don't ask, Don't Tell.  we were (supposedly)  Brothers to some of his friends, but I believe they all knew the truth. " P.T.S.D. "  Was the reason for the break-up ,  he was Delusional, & Schizophrenic.   I didn't know him at the end.  It broke my Heart, but he refused to seek Medical help.  & there was Physical & Mental abuse.  I had to Leave but it had to be done for my Sanity. 

  2. My ex and I were together for

    My ex and I were together for close to 10 years, but we both realized our priorities changed over the latter part of our relationship. So, we both decided to part ways and remain the best of friends. When the romance ends, it does not mean the friendship has to end as well.

  3. You might as well break up

    You might as well break up and remain friends if your sleeping with everyone else but your BF.


  4. I understand completely!  Ex

    I understand completely!  Ex and I lived together up to 5.5 months but, now he left the house.  He doesn’t want to remain friends, that’s the part that hurts me.  ☹️


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