Dallas Steele Spills Details on His Time in the Adult Industry

Credit: Dallas Steele

Dallas Steele is proof that men in the adult film industry are more than just sex robots. They are intelligent, smart and sophisticated guys that go beyond what we see on our television and computer screens.

This couldn’t have been then when I chatted with him about so many facets of his life that began way before he decided to enter the industry.

Part one of my interview with Dallas talked about his illustrious career in the news world and how that shifted into him becoming a well-known gay porn star. He also went into detail about the death of his former partner and the profound impact that has had on his life.

Part two of my interview with this handsome fella took a unique turn. He gave some fantastic advice for any men who want to enter the adult industry someday. This was one of the questions I had that he answered so thoroughly with great tips throughout.


Check it out.  

Credit: Dallas Steele

Think carefully

I always advise young people to think VERY carefully. I’ve already had my big career in life. You will not be able to conceal you’ve done porn. Your friends and family WILL find out. If that’s going to be an issue, forget about it. There are certain fields where doing movies could disqualify you from employment- clergy and teaching for example. A porn career is usually 3-5 years at best. Consider what you plan to do after that and whether porn would cause you problems. I’m doing porn because I enjoy it, the money (for what you’re doing), isn’t bad at all, and I’ve got a big ego. And don’t let anyone in porn bulls**t you. All of us who get naked in front of the camera like showing off. It’s true.

Do you have what it takes?

There are lots of porn genres these days, but the bottom line is that for the most part, men still like to see hot, fit, muscular men. Is your body in the best shape possible? Do others compliment your appearance? Do you get asked for fitness advice? Not saying you must be ready for a bodybuilding competition but showing up to a shoot with a beer gut and love handles isn’t going to fly unless it’s for a specific genre of porn that embraces that. Beyond your body, what are your best assets? Do you have a super-hot bubble butt? Or maybe you’ve got 9 inches or more of big, thick equipment? What do you have to offer to a studio? What’s your selling point?

Can you perform in front of others?

All men love sex. All men love getting off. But can you do it front of two cameras and potentially as many as five or six people watching? Do you have the stamina to kiss, jerk, and f**k for up to six hours? Do you have the patience to endure stopping and starting multiple times while the crew moves cameras or adjusts the lighting? Can you be agreeable and flexible to do what is asked of you even when it may not be fun or comfortable? Can you get f**ked with sandbags under one side of your ass for an hour while grabbing onto a couch? Would you be willing to top if the “would be” top is having trouble getting hard? Would you be willing to bottom if the “would be” bottom is hard, but you’re struggling? If the director wants to incorporate a particular fetish you’re not familiar with or may not enjoy, would you, as an actor, be willing to make an effort to pull it off and make it look hot? Whether others recognize it or not, you ARE an actor and the goal here is to put on a performance so hot, others can finish watching. Your personal comfort is not relevant. Make it look hot.

Pictures and studios

Do have you have at least six hot, studio-quality pictures of yourself? If not, it’s time to find a photographer and get some made. They should show you totally nude and hard, front and back. And yes, they MUST include your face. If any of that bothers you, you’re not going to be doing porn. Once you’ve got good pictures, research the product. What kind of porn do you admire most? What studios have the best lighting? The best production value. The best editing. The best overall promotions. And the hottest men. And look at yourself, then look at the men in the productions from various studios. Do you look like them in terms of body type, body hair, and age? Find a studio that uses men that look like you do.

Apply and wait

Regardless of how hot you think you are; no one is just going to “notice” you. You must go to the studio website and apply. Take it seriously just as you would any job application. Fill out every blank and answer truthfully. Once you’ve submitted your application, be prepared to wait. The big studios get hundreds, if not thousands of applications each year. It can be weeks before anyone even looks at what you’ve submitted. Add to that, many big studios have already signed loads of “exclusive” performers. They may love your look and think you’d be amazing, but they’re already so overloaded, they can’t take on anyone new.

Condom versus bareback

The industry is changing. During the height of the AIDS epidemic, virtually all gay porn used condoms. With advanced meds for people with HIV, and PreP for those who are uninfected, condoms are no longer the gold standard for every studio in the industry. As in the larger society, there are intense opinions and divisions about this in the gay porn world. We are not debating that here. But it’s important to know that some studios are 100% bareback. Others are 100% condom only. Some of the condom only studios will not work with actors that have previously done bareback commercial porn. Before you start your porn career, it’s important to decide which side you’re going to choose. What you decide will have some impact on where you work and how much you work.

Be realistic and do your homework

You are not going to get rich doing porn, but if you pick the right company, you can make a lot of very good money. How do you know which companies pay the most? Look at which companies have the best-looking product and which companies do the best in the marketplace. Contact the actors and ask them. Most of us will not tell you exact numbers, but we will tell you what companies pay better than others. There are also other factors to consider: What kinds of hotels do the various studios house their talent in while on a shoot?  Do they book you on the cheapest airline possible in the middle of the night or are you on a nice late morning flight seated in Economy Plus? Is it a non-stop flight or do you have a four-hour layover in Grand Rapids? Seriously.

Credit: Charles Moniz Photography

Beyond the movie shoot

The actual movie shoot is only a small part of your being a porn performer. If you plan to have any longevity in the industry, plan to spend about two hours per day on social media promoting your products (films) and promoting yourself. You must constantly sell your movies to the audience. Tease them with trailers and pictures provided by your studio or studios. Tell them what’s coming up. Tease them with details from the shoot you just did. Take some “behind the scenes” photos with your iPhone (get them approved by your director before sharing). You must try to connect with your fans all the time. Answer their emails. Be patient with their flirting. Appreciate their compliments no matter how many times you hear “you are so hot; I want you to f**k me.” To someone miles away from the nearest town somewhere in Kansas, you may be the hottest man they’ve ever seen. Regardless of whether you’re attracted to them or not, respect their feelings and always be gracious. “But wait,” you say. “I’ve already been paid for my part in the movie. Why do I need to promote it? Isn’t that the studio’s job?” Yes. And it’s also YOUR job if you plan to land another movie with that studio or others. The more successful your movie is, the more likely it is the studio will use you in another one. If they know you know how to promote successfully, you’re worth so much more to them than the actor who just collects their check, then moves on to the next project.

Have fun

Once you’ve done your first movie, you’ll reflect on the experience as incredibly hard work, but if you made the right decision with the studio you chose, you’ll also have a remarkable sense of pride about it.

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