Dan Levy Calls Out Comedy Central For Censoring Same-Sex Kiss

Dustin Milligan and Daniel Levy in Schitt’s Creek Season 5 / Image via Pop TV

Tuesday night, October 6, Daniel Levy tweeted about a 2019 promo from Comedy Central India. The promo decided to cut out a same-sex kiss from a scene within the show’s fifth season. The scene depicting the kiss displays a party where several characters play “spin the bottle.” That game leads to the co-creator, writer, and actor and his co-star Dustin Milligan drunkenly kissing.


When Levy called out the tv station on social media, he noted that the Comedy Central sub-station censored the gay male kiss but kept the other two kisses, which involve a man and a woman and a same-sex female couple.

“This is a show about the power of inclusivity. The censorship of gay intimacy is making a harmful statement against that message,” he wrote.


Levy’s comments have led to several others tweeting to Comedy Central India asking that Schitt’s Creek not be censored.

According to the Huffington Post, however, this is just the most recent incident of the channel censoring content. Earlier this year, the channel’s Facebook page posted another promotional clip. This time, it was for The Daily Show With Trevor Noah. In the original moment, the host made a joke about Donald Trump’s visit to India and his fondness of beef. Noah commented that Trump would need to skip eating the meat while visiting the country. This comment was then edited out of the channel’s promotion.

Despite the public ridicule, Comedy Central India has yet to comment on the situation and promo.

Source: Huffington Post,

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