‘Dear White People’s’ Last Season Is A Musical?

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Dear White People’s going out with a musical? We don’t know how to feel about that but the show’s fans sure do. (Hint: they’re not happy).

After a two-year-wait, Netflix’s show Dear White People, which is a series adaption of the award-winning 2014 film, is releasing its fourth and final season. To get fans excited, the series dropped a 40-second teaser. But, it might have confused fans more than excited them. Because it turns out that the drama has decided, in its final season, to turn into a musical.

After the teaser dropped, the show’s fandom was split into two parties: fans who were excited to get their show back in any form and fans who aren’t happy about the musical aspect. But judging by the reactions on Twitter, most people were in the latter camp.

What exactly will this musical season look like? Not much is known. But according to Deadline, this season is a musical event that’s inspired by Afro-futurism and the 90s. The season is “set against the backdrop of senior year at Winchester as well as a not-so-distant, post-pandemic future.”  The final chapter will see main characters “looking back at the most formative (and theatrical) year of their lives.”

But we have to wonder where this season will take its queer characters Lionel Higgins, Kelsey Phillips, and Brooke Morgan. The show has done wonders to represent LGBTQ characters. Lionel, arguably a lead amongst the ensemble cast, was an aspiring journalist. But through his journey of self-discovery and sexual exploration, season three saw Lionel thriving as an anonymous erotic novelist.

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Meanwhile, Kelsey Phillips, a character who was previously used for Hilary Banks-esque comedy, got her own storyline in season three. Phillips came out as a lesbian and started searching for a long-term relationship. As for media studies major Brooke Morgan, she wanted to explore her sexuality. That led to the two flirting it up… before meeting some obstacles (namely, their separate goals). Thankfully, the two had a mature conversation about their wants and needs. That gave us a healthy look at starting and ending queer relationships, something that’s still rarely seen in Black media.

With this in mind, we’ll give Dear White People the benefit of the doubt with this musical announcement. If nothing else, the show’s final season deserves our attempt and our trust. We just hope Lionel, Kelsey, and Brooke find happiness by the end. (And that the musical numbers don’t fall flat). We’ll find out how the show will go when Dear White People returns to Netflix on September 22.

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