Delusional & Shameless: The Orange King Introduces New ‘Gays For Trump’ T- Shirt

Trump Merch Store – Pixabay

Last week NewNowNext reported that the orange wanna-be man-boy in the White House dared to unveil a new line of LGBTQ merchandise to show his unwavering support for the community. Yea, right, ok.

I’m at the point now where I have no more tolerance for Donald Trump’s incoherent rants and psychotic episodes. His latest is among his most bizarre.

Seriously, other than those Log Cabin Queens, and five remaining confused, gay, pro-Trump messes I ultimately had to block from my FB friends-list a week ago, I need to know what gay person on earth would spend their money on this foolishness.

Trump is no different than all those brands which we had to call out during World Pride this year. You know the ones who suddenly covered all their products in rainbows during June then reverted to sterilized reversals with no indication they ever were an ally to the LGBTQ community.

Trump and his administration have a whole lot of nerve, yes, but they have even more delusion. It’s like last week when Kellyanne Con-job acknowledged yes, the world leaders were laughing at Trump on video at the NATO summit -but it was just because they are jealous of him. Ok, Sure, Jan.

In the sales description to sell this piece-of-shirt, the copy reads, “Show your support for the LGBT community and the 45th President with this exclusive Make America Great Again Pride T-Shirt.”

Yes, you read that correctly. The brain-dead marketing department in Trump’s campaign is calling on all LGBTQ people to spend 25 dollars to purchase a pro-Trump T-Shirt – most likely made in China, by five-year-olds, in one of Ivanka’s 4-cents-a-day sweatshops.

These shirts to promote Trump would not be so outlandish if they were not made to promote the same Trump who spent the last three years engaging in the most oppressive and targeted anti-LGBTQ initiatives by the government in our nation’s history. From banning transgender military service members to making it easier for employers to fire people just for being gay or businesses to deny gays services, Trump is arguably the most dangerous American president ever for the LGBTQ community.

Inevitably there will be a few self-loathing gays who will buy this stuff in exchange for selling whatever integrity they have left as a gay Trump supporter. As for the rest of, I’m sure we are united in letting Trump know exactly what he can do with his merchandise, and it involves him bending over … and shoving something into his own, very specific orifice.

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