Did Biden Mean To Send Us ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Vibes?

Image via PopTV

Is Joe Biden’s a Schitt’s Creek fan?! Or, is everyone a Tina Turner fan?

Last night, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris addressed the United States of America in a victory speech from Biden’s hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. While celebrating at the Chase Center with fireworks, drone light displays, confetti, and more, Biden and Harris blasted Tina Turner’s “The Best.”


While many celebrated the idea of Harris and Biden being Turner fans, and they probably are, many tv fans also thought the campaign team may be fans of a popular gay-inclusive tv show. Specifically, a season 4 episode of Schitt’s Creek, Patrick Brewer (performed by Noah Reid) performed an acoustic version of Tina Turner’s song. Then later on, Patrick’s boyfriend David Rose (David Levy )danced to the song in order to calm Patrick after the two had a fight.

While the campaign team probably didn’t have Schitt’s Creek in mind while picking the song for the victory speech, many fans saw a connection otherwise. This includes show co-creator, producer, director, and actor Dan Levy.


“Me. In my living room rn,” wrote Levy on Twitter before including a gif of his dancing scene.

Though, Levy wasn’t the only one to make the connection.



Tina Turner will forever be an icon, but combining her with Dan Levy, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris? History in the making!

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