Did Disney Remove A Bisexual Character From Mulan?

Did Disney Remove A Bisexual Character From Mulan?

The LGBTQ Community Continues To Get The Shaft!

It wasn't long ago when Disney was sticking up for the LGBTQ community by dismissing Malaysia for trying to edit out a *gay* moment from the live action Beauty and the Beast film. Low key, for as long as I can recall, Disney has been pretty progressive in their dedication towards their LGBTQ brothers and sisters. Like, Disney does have a Gay Days, so…who wouldn't believe they are so for us, you know?! Well, it turns out Disney is kind of being a brat surrounding their 2020 live action Mulan film…by removing a bisexual character!

According to Next Shark, a Twitter user is claiming original Mulan character, Li Shang – a fellow solider who crushes on Mulan when he believes she is a man – will not be in the live action film. Instead, his doppelganger will be a Commander who is Mulan's mentor. Hmm, that is just all too familiar, right? 

This very suspect rumor comes on the tail of Disney announcing their live action Mulan isn't going to be much like the original animated film. This includes the dismissal of any original songs – see ya later Christina Aguilera – and an entirely different plot. Now, a lot may go into this especially the would-be heavy-Game of Thrones style action sequences which could go over budget, yet I cannot help but wonder…is the real reason we're not seeing the original Mulan story because of the homoerotic themes? I mean, she did have a man falling in love with her…when he believed she was a man. While animated versions are deemed harmless by the society, I could imagine a lot of people being in an uproar of the whole idea of it. For what it's worth, we get an introduction to new characters such as a villainous Witch and Mulan's sister, so perhaps we have to let go of nostalgia and hope for an incredible film.

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