Disney Dudes’ Ding-Dongs on Display!

We know you've wondered what the Disney princes were packing. (Or was it just us? No? Uh-huh, didn't think so.)  The folks over at Jezebel put a lot of thought into this (we're talking a LOT!) and collectively came up with nudity descriptions of the male characters from Disney's animated feature films that they felt reflected their animated personalities. They then passed those specs on to Gawker Media staff illustrator Tara Jacoby who turned those visions of Disney dongs into actual erotic portraiture.

Want to see who shaves? Who has the "beer can?" Who is "all that" and who is barely there? Just click here! (We'd show you ourselves but it's NSFW…in a weird cartoon way.)

8 thoughts on “Disney Dudes’ Ding-Dongs on Display!”

  1. Does this site ever make news

    Does this site ever make news of it's own? I feel like the "journalists" just troll Facebook to see what's already been shared and seen by everyone to just post a link or snippet of content housed elsewhere.

  2. There is one that is

    There is one that is uncircumcised that should have been. Aladdin is muslim and would have been circumcised before he hit puberty. 😉

    • Exactly right on Aladdin. 

      Exactly right on Aladdin.  However, it is possible that Prince Naveen would have also been cut as well.  Because King Louis XVI of France had significant problems with his foreskin (one of the reasons he and Marie Antoinette did not have sex all that often and one of the reasons historians believe he might have been circumcised), many European royal families and houses of nobility began circumcising their sons, even to this day.  Same thing for Prince Hans since "Frozen" seems to take place in the late 18th century. 

      However, I'm just raising a possibility here.  I'm not saying anything definite.  These after all are just fictional cartoon characters. 🙂

  3. Better look again. Quite a
    Better look again. Quite a few are labeled uncut and some that aren’t clearly are by the looks of it.

  4. Okay so, I am probably taking

    Okay so, I am probably taking this a little more seriously than I should but, I did not see one uncircumcised dick in the bunch.  The cultures that most of these characters would have come from would not have been circumcising baby boys.  I think that this is just a biased toward circumcised dicks because of the American viewpoint.

    • If you read the description

      If you read the description of the portraits, you'll see that they specify whose cut and uncut.  Only one is specified as cut (John Smith).  However, that might have been inaccurate since John Smith was born in England during the Elizabethan times and the English didn't circumcise during that time period.

      The only one who would have definitely been cut is Aladdin.  However, Prince Hans and Prince Naveen might also have been given that they are both from European Royalty post-18th century.  But that's a "maybe" there.

    • Oh yeah!  And before I forget

      Oh yeah!  And before I forget, several of these princes are "standing at attention."  For most men with foreskin, when they are erect, the skin can and will completely retract almost looking like it's not there at all.  (This is the case with my partner.)  So, the other princes might also be uncut, but you just can't see the skin because they are erect.

      Sorry, did I over-share?  😉



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