DJ Bruno Knauer & Deborah Blando Soar With Their New Single (And Remixes) “We Fly”

Deborah Blando has sold millions of records worldwide & Top Ten singles from Brazil to Europe, but it’s her latest single that just might rocket her to the top of the American dance charts. “We Fly” is a collaboration with Brazilian circuit superstar Bruno Knauer and in the original format, puts Blando’s stellar vocals front and center and pairs it with a fantastic circuit anthem beat courtesy of Knauer. When Knauer decided to turn up the heat on this one and reached out to DJ team Toy Armada & DJ GRIND to remix it, he took an already dance floor ready track and elevated it to a proper circuit anthem! 

Armada himself says on Facebook “a few months back, I got a message from one of the most talented DJ’s in the circuit world, Bruno Knauer from Brazil. He sent us his new single entitled “We Fly” and asked if we (DJ GRIND and I) were interested in doing a remix of it. I listened to the original track and the acapella, which immediately grabbed my attention…it was songs like this that make hearts burst with emotion. I said to myself ” OMG Deborah Blando’s vocal is amazing!”. I replied to Bruno and said “YES”!

Taking the original track and framing it in an anthemic build and letting Blando’s vocals start slowly and then leading directly into a peek of the chorus is a fantastic way to start the track. The verses have Armada & GRIND’s signature maneuver of letting the artist’s vocals stand on their own & taking the audience on a journey to truly relish every lyric. The crashing vocals into a glorious chorus crafts the already beat heavy track into a powerful circuit anthem, both in lyrical message and melodic delivery. This team of Armada & GRIND & Knauer and an artist with the caliber of Blando is the kind of collaboration that melds already varied musical styles into true circuit dance floor greatness. 

Art Courtesy of Deborah Blando Instagram

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