Documentary Profiles ‘100% Straight’ Gay-For-Pay Performers

Daniel McGraffin (image via Instagram)

In a new documentary from Channel 5 in the U.K., former military service member Daniel McGraffin says he found it difficult to find a decent paying job until he discovered he could earn up to £1,000 a day as a ‘gay for pay’ porn actor.

Sharing his story in The Sex Business: Swinging Both Ways, McGraffin says he spent six years as a soldier in the artillery until one day, due to lack of sleep, he snapped. At the end of a two-week leave, he went AWOL for a year.

He was sentenced to 8 months in a military prison, and upon his release went in search of a job.

After working as a janitor in a gym, then as a personal trainer and a DJ, a friend (who works as a dominatrix) told him about a guy who was “totally straight but does gay porn.”

She put him in contact with a producer who told McGraffin “the majority of it’s fake” and hired the former military service member for £750 for a shoot.

McGraffin liked the experience – and the money – so he researched the porn industry and eventually landed a 3-year contract with Lucas Entertainment.

He says he looked into the straight porn industry but found “in gay porn, there’s way less competition, and there’s no money in straight porn. For a straight guy, there’s way more money in gay porn.”

McGraffin, who goes by the stage name Geordie Jackson, pointedly shares in the documentary, “My sexual identity is straight, one hundred percent straight.”

His girlfriend, Freya, appears in the documentary as well and she’s totally onboard with McGraffin’s career choice.

“It’s fake,” she tells the viewer. “People say he must be a little bit gay, [but] when he gets back, he doesn’t want to think about anyone with a d**k.”

Freya explains if he was working in straight porn it might bother her since there would be the potential for him to be attracted to co-stars, but with men “that risk isn’t there.”

McGraffin admits there are people who say he’s gay because he looks so at ease in his videos, but he just takes that as a compliment on his acting skills.

“They don’t know the tricks of the trade,” he explains. “They say ‘you look like you’re enjoying it’. And I say, ‘thanks, that means I’m a good actor.’”

Asked if he considers himself an ally to the LGBTQ community, he’s unsure but shares that his brother is openly gay.

He also explains the logic, at least for him, for remaining in the adult entertainment industry.

“I ain’t smart, academically,”  he admits. “It’s either this or going to work in a warehouse, ’cause I have no qualifications. I have driving qualifications, but obviously, I’ve had one of them lifestyles where I’ve been banned from driving. So driving jobs are a no go.” 

“You need to make your money, man,” he continues. “I’m glad I found porn because I make more money now than I ever have. I see the perks of it now, I don’t even think about what I’ve got to do anymore, it’s that easy.”

Some viewers, however, took to Twitter to express their skepticism about the “100% straight” label.

We’re not here to judge, though. How McGraffin identifies is his own business.

And speaking of ‘business,’ check out some of the adult entertainer’s Instagram account below.

(source: Daily Mail UK)

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