Dolly Parton & Galantis Throw Down Infectious EDM Jam

Galantis (Christian Karlsson & Linus Eklöw) with Dolly Parton
Galantis (Christian Karlsson & Linus Eklöw) with Dolly Parton (photo: Erik Melvin)

Country music icon Dolly Parton has teamed up with internationally acclaimed Swedish electronic dance music duo Galantis (Christian Karlsson & Linus Eklöw) for the rousing and spirited new track, “Faith,” featuring Dutch singer Mr. Probz.

The track will be featured on the upcoming Galantis album, Church.

Now, you might wonder how a country music giant would find herself collaborating with EDM artists?

“I was on the phone with a Christian (referring to Karlsson), talking about a song called ‘Faith’ and an album called ‘Church,’” says Parton. “I knew I was in the right place.”

The track, featuring Galantis’ top-shelf production, has been a work in progress for some time. Galantis tells Rolling Stone they had been wanting to build a song off of John Hiatt’s 1987 song, “Have a Little Faith in Me.”

“When you don’t know who you are
I will find you so easily
Don’t you worry – whenever you need me
Have a little faith in me”

Calling Parton one of their ‘dream collaborators,’ when the country diva agreed to work on the track  Karlsson and Eklöw immediately flew to Nashville for the collaboration.

“I ‘Dolly-ized’ it a bit and wrote some more spiritual things inside [the lyrics],” Parton told Rolling Stone.

The 73-year-old music legend apparently enjoyed the experience so much she’s open to writing/recording more EDM.

“I always know inside myself what’s right and what’s wrong to do, and this felt really right,” Parton says. “I’m open to doing more with them and continue with this — if this does well.”

The music video depicts Parton as the rhinestone-clad driver of a bus that breaks down. The country songstress offers her sunny side of cheer, Mr. Probz drops his spot-on vocals and pretty soon the passengers are dancing in the street to the gospel-tinged groove.

“Faith” is now available on all major streaming/download sites.

(Source: Rolling Stone)

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