Donna Summer & Junior Vasquez Bring His Rare Remix Of “My Life” To The Masses

Voices like that of the ethereal musical icon (and goddess of disco) Donna Summer come around once in a lifetime, and whenever the opportunity arises, it is crucial that we pay homage to them. With the release of her massive musical package Encore this March, tribute is being paid in the form of a thirty three CD boxed set, which includes all seventeen of Summer’s studio albums. The massive project will include not just the classics that we love, but rarities and remixes that we have fallen in love with over the years, or quite possibly not gotten to hear just yet. One of the biggest treats on the entire package in the long-awaited commercial release of Summer’s track “My Life”, remixed by the indomitable Junior Vasquez (the “Junior Vasquez Private Collection Mix”).


There simply is no one better to close out “Encore” than Vaquez and his “My Life” remix, for a myriad of reasons. Vasquez himself has begun his own career reemergence, and is actively back in the studio. Additionally, true followers of Vaquez’s legendary evenings at spaces like Arena and Twilo know that a true Junior party almost always ended with the Donna Summer track “Last Dance”.

Vasquez says, courtesy of the press release “It is such an honor that my mix was chosen as the last song on this album to summarize the life of such an iconic and incredible talent that spanned decades and genres. It is my hope that this special project will bring her voice to millions more for decades to come.” Vasquez himself acknowledges that this was a project came close to not happening  and says “my email had been hacked by trolls and I couldn’t get into my own account. My business partner had been at home that morning watching a clip of Donna Summer on Oprah and something told him to figure out how to get into my hacked account. Voila, he got in and there it was! It was almost like Donna was smiling down from the heavens and guiding us to make this happen”.

Late last year, Vasquez teamed up with his brand new manager and business bartner, Christopher Petrock to start a new chapter of his own career, as they actively solicit new business projects with their company  Junior Vasquez | House of Ellis. Keep an eye out for new projects in both the studio and the dance floor in 2020 and beyond.

You can pre-order Donna Summer-Encore here

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