‘Drag Queen Advocates’ To Blame For Shootings Says Ohio Republican

Ohio state Rep. Candice Keller (image via campaign site)

In the aftermath of two deadly mass shootings over the weekend, one conservative Ohio state lawmaker put the blame for the tragic events on same-sex marriage, video games, transgender people, drag queens, President Obama and more.

On Saturday, a lone gunman killed 20 people at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas. That was followed by another shooting in Dayton, Ohio, which left 10 dead and at least 27 more wounded.

State Rep. Candice Keller (R), who represents a district near Dayton, wrote on her Facebook page, “After every mass shooting, the liberals start the blame game. Why not place the blame where it belongs?”

She went on to list who she feels are the real culprits for so many mass shootings beginning with, “The breakdown of the traditional American family (thank you, transgender, homosexual marriage and drag queen advocates).”

(screen capture)

Also on her list of folks to blame for the two mass shooting events were:

• Fatherlessness

• Video games (although other countries have video games as well and not nearly the gun violence that is seen in the U.S.)

• Open borders

• Recreational marijuana

• Students in school who misbehave

• Disrespect for the police (she gave a shoutout to Obama for some reason)

• Hatred of our veterans (athletes are to blame for that one)

• The Democratic Congress (although Democrats only control one chamber of Congress)

• Culture (in general we guess) for ignoring the importance of God and the church

• State officeholders and something about the 2nd Amendment

• And, of course, ‘snowflakes’ who “can’t accept a duly-elected president

I’m not sure how Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny managed to avoid the list, but maybe she was in a hurry.

When the Dayton Daily News contacted Keller about the post, she told a reporter she had posted something “to her private, personal Facebook page.” And when the post was read to her over the phone, she said “it sounded like part of her posting but she couldn’t be sure if it had been altered,” introducing the idea that she had been possibly hacked.

The post was promptly deleted, but screengrabs have gone viral on the internet.

Brian Hester, Chairman for the Butler County Democratic Party, responded to the post telling the Daily News, “She loves to fan the flames and play the role of victim here, not the nine people who were killed….She is fundamentally unfit for office.” 

Hester added, “She is an embarrassment to her party, to conservatives, to Butler County, and to the state Legislature.”

(source: Dayton Daily News)

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