‘Drag Race’ Bosses Drop Hints About Drag Kings & More Trans Talent On Future Seasons

Credit: VH1

RuPaul’s Drag Race has no doubt become one of the biggest pop culture juggernauts over the past decade although there have been a ton of criticisms along the way from its devout fan base.

The Emmy-winning show, which first premiered way back in 2009, has primarily had a cast of cisgendered gay men with a smattering of trans talent along the way. Kylie Sonique Love was the first contestant to speak about her trans identity after season 2 aired during the reunion. Peppermint later became the first queen to be out about her trans status prior to season 9 airing. 



RPDR bosses and World of Wonder co-founders Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato spoke in a recent interview about not only the possibility of seeing more trans performers on upcoming seasons but about the program broadening their horizons on many other levels.

The pair were asked, during a chat with DigitalSpy, about if they have “considered including drag kings and trans talent in future iterations of Drag Race”.

“Yeah. Our constant mantra is charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, and that does not exclude anyone,” Barbato responded while adding, “There’s been trans people on the show. It is charisma, uniqueness nerve and talent, so it would not be some headline-making news. For some people it would be, but yeah.”


There has been an uptick of trans performers on Drag Race in recent years. Gia Gunn, who documented her journey on her 2018 web series #30DAYSINTRANSITION, was invited back to compete on All Stars 4 after she came out as trans. 

Season 4 alum Jiggly Caliente, who came out herself back in 2016, is part of the rumored cast for All Stars 6 alongside Sonique. It also allegedly includes past AS contestants (Pandora BoxxYara SofiaGinger Minj) and a bunch of first-timers (JanTrinity K. Bonet) all competing for the coveted crown and hefty cash prize.

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