Dragula Season Three Premieres Next Week

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Does The Boulet Brothers’ Series, Dragula, Beat Drag Race In All Departments?

If you’re growing tired of the overly produced antics and brainwashed opinions of RuPaul’s Drag Race, I’ve got just the place for you to be buried to rest! The Boulet Brothers, a drag queen duo (known individually as Dracmorda and Swanthula), are premiering their third season of the hit digital series, Dragula, on freakin’ Amazon Prime next week! Do you know how big of a deal it is to make the jump from a YouTube series to having a full production budget?! Color me impressed off the bat!

It’s been awhile since I’ve heard through the grapevine that I should check out Dragula. I’m not the biggest fan of drag queens and I’m incredibly exhausted by what Drag Race has become, so I really wasn’t interested in participating in the fandom. However, after doing some more research, this isn’t just drag queens being petty and desiring sympathy for attention. These queens are monsters- literally. That is right up my horror-painted alley. Rather than the glitz and Vogue-ish glamour of it all, Dragula has their contestants (drag royals [Yes, drag queens and kings]) take on some pretty heavy, horrifying challenges. I’m talking about these bitches being buried alive, enduring inhumane temperatures, and physical probing. From the upcoming trailer (immediately below), it appears that these royals are even going to sky dive to earn safety in the competition. I already have goosebumps as I’m being brought back to the days of Fear Factor. It may sound ghastly to most, but the queens soak it up just as much as their audience. And don’t worry, you still get the runway vibe as the contestants/monsters design their own outfits, mostly inspired by all things horror. So where there is gore, there is still glamour. The series premiere of the first season has almost one million views on YouTube, so the market and viewership is absolutely there for this particular artistry: I’m right alongside the journey with them.

It should be noted that season three of Dragula is the first to feature a drag king, Landon Cider. But, on top of that excitement, we can look forward to guest judges who are sure to make any ghoul shriek! I’m talking freakin’ legends in the horror-entertainment industry like Felissa Rose who portrayed transgender killer, Angela Baker, in the original Sleepaway Camp movie (my FAV!), scream queen and Laurie Strode’s forgotten daughter in the Halloween franchise, Danielle Harris, Rachel True from The Craft fame, iconic director, Darren Stein (Jawbreaker), and get this – they magically conjured up the *spoiler alert* tongue popping, evil little girl who gets her head chopped off in Hereditary (Millie Shapiro). This is what my nightmares are made of and I’m so here for it!

The third season of Dragula, as aforementioned, premires on Amazon Prime Video on Tuesday, August 27th and will air new episodes every following Tuesday. Where will you be watching!?

Don’t forget to check out the “Meet Our Monsters” video to get a glimpse of the eleven contestants vying to be the World’s Next Drag Supermonster below:

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