Dutch Artist Creates An Anus Shaped Hotel … And You Just Gotta Go!

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Ok, I’m going to make this short and sweet because, in many ways, I can’t even believe I’m writing this, but here goes.

So are you looking for that unique boutique place to stay on your next vacation adventure? You, like me, are probably sick of the regular mundane places to lay your head while on trips and excursions, right?

We want something exciting with unique decor and amenities, something new, right? Well, look no further because I have got your next great hotel all picked out for you; as long as you don’t mind a place to stay that is shaped like a giant human anus.

That’s right; it’s an anus-shaped hotel that even comes complete with a ballon-knot sphincter opening at the end of the unit, which I’m hoping will function as a real window because, well, that would be genius.

If you’re still reading this, that’s awesome, thank you. I’m trying try to keep you engaged and wrap my head around the fact that Dutch designer Joep van Lieshout appears to have actually designed quite an accommodating anus, where you can make yourself at home. 

Located in the Verbeke Foundation Art Park in Antwerp, Belgium, this Anus B n’ B is surrounded by lush greenery and lots of flora, I mean florals. It’s become popular, not just as an abstract concept but as an actual lovely place to stay. I have to admit the interior is very well-maintained. Just look at the inside of those walls! It’s like they clean them daily with Phillips Magnesium and Mylanta. Immaculate!  

I do wonder though is during turn down service, a mint on the pillow is replaced instead with a Pepto chewable?


In case you thought this was satire, NOPE, it’s a real thing

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