East River Park To Be Renamed For Gay Rights Pioneer

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Transgender And Gay Activist, Marsha P. Johnson, Now Adds A New York Park To Her Resume

Unless you’ve been living under a rock chances are you’ve heard of gay liberation and sex forward activist Marsha P. Johnson, right? Johnson has rose to be the pinnacle of the LGBTQ rights movement since 1969. The rumors are Johnson was the person who threw a shot glass at a mirror in Stonewall Inn and began the gay rights riots that would turn into a protest for equality (she would later state in an interview she and Sylvia Rivera were not there at the beginning of the Stonewall Riot that history changing night). As one of the most well-known drag queens, even quoted by RuPaul himself stating Johnson is “THE true drag mother”, Johnson’s legacy lives on to this day. She’s been portrayed in various films about Stonewall, has a 2017 documentary about her extraordinary original life, and is being honored with a monument to her in New York that will be completed by next year. Now, she can add another historic mark to her everlasting resume.

According to NBC News, New York is renaming Brooklyn’s East River State Park to honor the late Johnson. New York’s Governor, studly Andrew Cuomo (not to be confused with equally as sexy brother CNN’s Chris Cuomo) made the announcement at a Human Rights Campaign Gala – stating Johnson is “an icon of the [LGBTQ] community.” This is the first time that a New York Park will be named after any person from who considers themselves a part of the rainbow flag.

What may be more interesting is that Johnson may soon get the justice many suspect she deserves. In 1992, she was found dead in the Hudson River and the police originally labeled her tragic passing a suicide. Her cause of death has since been overturned to undetermined. Many have speculated she was running away from a group of thugs harassing her and a neighborhood resident allegedly boasted about killing a drag queen. As we are well aware, back in the ‘90s police and the gay community weren’t on the same side of human rights, so it’s likely Johnson’s death was something they didn’t want to become involved in. Will the city naming a park after her lead to a wider investigation?

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