Enemies of Dorothy Release A Comedic Twist On A Classic Horror Movie

Last year, we shared with you the video announcement of queer power couple Pennywise and Babadook getting engaged. Now, we have to share with you the video of a hostage negotiation.

In reality, we’re sharing with you one of the latest videos released by comedy Youtube Channel Enemies of Dorothy (the most recent video being a “Mike Pence is Probably Gay video”).

The video we’re talking about is titled “Social Justice Strangers” and it puts a politically correct twist on the horror story, The Strangers.

In the video, we see channel creators Ryan Fisher and Chris Bryant tied up and terrorized by Zack Ogle, Jenny Yang, and Hayley Shaw. The three strangers are planning to kill-off the two men, but they then realize that the two are a gay couple.

“Is this a hate crime?”

The video goes off the rails, in the best way, from there. Check it out below.



h/t: Advocate

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