Ex-Gay Right-Wingnut Knows Why You’re Gay

"Ex-gay" blogger Matt Moore, on hate group leader Matt Barber's website, tells frightened conservative parents that their child's "broken sexuality" isn't their fault. Of course this is made all the more delicious because you may recall Moore got busted last year for cruising on Grindr.

"Neither you nor your psychologist nor your pastor nor your doctor will ever fully know why your kid is attracted to the same sex, but you can know that it isn't your fault." That sound you just heard was a million conservative parents all worried what their friends would think going, "Whew, we're off the hook!"

Moore claims there are "a million different sinful things" that "distort their sexual desires," but his top three are "the flesh, the world, and Satan." Good to know.

Yes, Moore was gay but he's all better now because his grandma prayed for him. Seriously. He adds, "I can tell you from my own experience that the Lord can change [homosexuals'] minds (and hearts)… and He can do it instantaneously."





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