Exclusive Premiere: Midtown Social Reminds Us How To “Savoir Faire.” We Needed That!

Screen shot from “Savoir Faire” music video

In a city that thrives on its diversity, sun-soaked California retro-soul band Midtown Social unites a fractured San Francisco undergoing swells of monumental change with an uplifting and outright funky new full-length studio album, Fantastic Colors, due out nationwide on Valentine’s Day 2020

For its latest studio recording co-produced by Jeff Kolhede (Money Mark, Rayana Jay), Midtown Social writes a love letter to its hometown of San Francisco amid a perilous time when reverence is essential for collective healing. Drastic income disparity, sky-rocketing rents, profound homelessness, acute drug abuse, among other critical issues, are rendering the city unrecognizable. On Fantastic Colors, Midtown Social offers a compassionate reflection of its true love for San Francisco.

Photo provided by Midtown Social

Performed onsite at San Francisco’s famous queer venue The Stud, Midtown Social pays tribute to a bar that’s been at the cutting edge of San Francisco’s nightlife for over 50 years with a new music video for their latest single, “Savoir Faire,” filmed at The Stud. After almost closing its doors in July 2016 when its rent was about to be nearly tripled, The Stud is now owned and operated by an 18-person worker-owner cooperative and has recently announced it’ll remain open for at least another two years.  

Vocalists Aaron Joseph and Kisura Nyoto. Photo courtesy of Midtown Social

Midtown Social vocalist Aaron Joseph comments about the band filming their music video for “Savoir Faire” at The Stud, 

I’ve been going to The Stud ever since I moved to San Francisco. A few months after I landed in the city, a friend—a female drag queen—invited me to perform there with her. I fell in love with the space. There’s a lot of bars in the Bay Area that claim to be inclusive of all races, all genders. But The Stud is one of the few places where I’ve felt completely at home and at ease as a queer person of color. After we played our first show, it’s where I took the band to celebrate. It’s where I’m most likely to head out dancing with friends after a gig. I wanted to find a way to pay tribute to a place that’s brought me so much joy and so many memories. It has a classic San Francisco vibe. So when I suggested making it the backdrop to our 80s-themed music video for Savoir Faire, the band was all in. We couldn’t have found a better place to bring the song to life.

When listening to “Savior Faire” and viewing the video, you’re brought back to a time not so long ago, before hook ups sites, before text neck pain, before we paid more attention to the screen than our surroundings.  It was a period in your lives when we had less stress.  A time where we’d met someone out and want to learn more about them, while they had their clothes on. A time when if we met someone or not, the night was going to be great, because we could just enjoy dancing the whole night away with friends or by ourselves.  Joseph sings – those guys “with their movies and their computer screens” get in the way of having a beautiful exciting night.

What is savoir faire? “the ability to act or speak appropriately in social situations” and Midtown Social is reminding us and teaching listeners/viewers that definition. When out, be out, have fun, and don’t be buried in your own problems and computer/phone screens. There’s so much more to do when out.  Just dance. 

Thanks Midtown Social for a catchy tune that’s been on repeat all morning here.

Whether sharing the stage with Janelle Monáe or Kehlani, Midtown Social presents their electrifying live show at venerable venues and music festivals across the country. Recent shows have included standout performances at the iconic Stern Grove FestivalHigh Sierra Music FestivalAugust HallBimbo’s 365 ClubParamount Theatre (Oakland), and many others. In celebration of the national release of “Savoir Faire,” Midtown Social hosts “The Love Boat” single release party aboard the yacht USS Potomac and sets sail on the San Francisco Bay with 120 lucky fans on Saturday, September 28 from 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm. We want pics or it didn’t happen!

To view Midtown Social’s forthcoming tour schedule, please visit: midtownsocialband.com.

In anticipation of the February 14, 2020 release of Fantastic Colors, Midtown Social drops four singles “Fantastic Colors” (August 2), “Savoir Faire” (September 27), “Candlelit” (January 17), and “Play Your Game” (February 14). Midtown Social celebrates the release of “Savior Faire” aboard the Jack London Square USS Potomac on Saturday, September 28, 2019.  

Photo from MidtownSocial.com

Here’s the entire Track Listing for Fantastic Colors.

1. Believe 
2. Move Your Body 
3. Darte 
4. Home  
5. What It Is  
6. Crossroads 
7. Lie To Me  
8. Candlelit 
9. Fantastic Colors 
10. Savior Faire 
11. Play Your Game 
12. Everybody

Fantastic Colors album cover

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