FACE IT! Girl This Was A bad Social Media Stunt

Seaside Girl Little Seven -Youtube Screenshot

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet because quite honestly, people next in line for natural selection might not have much time left on earth anyway, so she might not even be relevant. But here goes…

Seaside Girl Little Seven, a newer personality in the Vloggersphere, based in China, decided on a bizarre little internet stunt to boost social media numbers. That stunt almost took her face off.

In a most assinine display, Seaside Girl Little Seven, who is a self-described seafood lover, decided that she needed to perform an outrageous act to gain more followers to her Youtube Channel and reach her ultimate goal of having one of the top trending social media videos.

The act she decided upon was to eat a live octopus in a live broadcast.

Things didn’t go as planned.

Seaside Girl Little Seven -Youtube Screenshot

As she bit into the wriggling octopus during her live video stream, the eight-armed wonder of the sea was having none of her sushi stunt madness. In the act of self-defense, it attached itself to her face, most likely using its powerful suctioning tentacles to try to figure out what the hell was happening. Within seconds, it was evident this was a terrible idea.

Mayhem ensued as Seaside Girl Little Seven attempted to pry the disrespected sea creature from her face for an agonizing 50 seconds. At some point, the horrorfied live stream host screamed in Japanese, “My face is disfigured!” It wasn’t, but seeing her in sheer terror, as she faced the possibility of having to live her life with half her face mangled, was indeed a joy to watch.

Of course, I would never wish harm on anyone, but if you are so self-absorbed and attention hungry that you would take a beautiful creature from the sea and show so little respect for its splendor, that you would sink your teeth into it while it’s alive –you deserve whatever you get.

Seaside Girl Little Seven -Youtube Screenshot

Luckily, she was able to finally remove the creature, vowing to try the stunt again at a later time. When she made that declaration, I have to admit I wished that octopus had kept on going, devouring her face, and finishing the damn job!

See the live stupidity below and join me in rooting for the octopus next time:




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