Facebook Is Getting Its Own Dating Service And Wants To Use More Of Your Data

Image via Ars Technica

Facebook’s sticking its head in our personal business again, and this time it’s pretty cringe-worthy.

Yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced, during an F8 Developer Conference, that the social media platform’s next big project is… a dating service.

Facebook wants to take on dating apps like Tinder, and its betting on the fact that many people already use the app regularly. So, why not just use the dating feature as well?

It seems that the features on Facebook Dating mimic a lot of other dating services like Tinder and OkCupid.

For instance, Facebook Dating will pull data and information from your official Facebook account to help set up your dating profile. Then, interested parties can choose left or right to show that they're interested.

Image via Ars Technica

Once that's done, they can strike up a conversation with you by using pictures from your profile or their mutual friends list. If that doesn’t work, users can also choose to answer questions like, “Are you a dog person? Are you religious?” to help personalize their profiles.

When describing the program, Zuckerberg stated that the service is “totally opt-in” and “not for hook-ups” as well as a place to meet people who aren’t already Facebook friends with you.

That said, it’s interesting to see that Facebook’s solution to issues of leaked/shared personal data is to ask us to release even more information.

Of course, the internet, and especially Twitter, took note of that contradiction.

We look forward to seeing the finale diaster product.

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