Fans Of Gay Thai Drama “Love By Chance” Are Struggling To Get The Series Released

Pete (left) and Ae (right) from Love By Chance

A Thai BL drama is currently in dire circumstances.

BL, or Boys’ Love, is a popular genre in the Asian continent. The comics, video games, movies, and tv series are often made by women for women, but focus on gay romance and sexuality in a way similar to how straight men indulge in lesbian content.

That said, for many Asian countries, BL content is the primary source of gay representation in entertainment media. That is especially true for the BL dramas found on Thailand’s MCOT channel.

A recent issue with an upcoming BL drama is spotlighting a potential problem with the genre and gay representation in Thailand overall.

The drama Love By Chance was expected to release in late May.

Love By Chance follows a romance between college freshmen. Pete is a handsome and popular man who’s also constantly being bullied for being gay. When a classmate named Ae jumps in to defend him, the two set up the deal to have Ae become Pete’s new bodyguard.

Unfortunately for Pete, he starts to develop feelings for his newfound friend and hero, but perhaps the feeling is mutual.

The series was fully produced earlier this year, promoted with its cast on several tv talk shows, and scheduled for release on the popular Channel 9 MCOT on May 27.

That said, the channel announced that the series would be postponed indefinitely on May 24.

New, the director of the series, then shared that he was in talks with the channel’s executive board to see if he needed to edit out scenes in order to get the greenlight for release.

Many who are familiar with the genre and channel were surprised by this sudden postponement. This is because MCOT has aired several dramas with gay storylines or side stories such as Love Sick the Series, Part-Time the series, Make it Right the Series, and My Bromance: The Series.

What many suspect to be the problem was that there was recent change to the channel’s Executive Board. Now, the new leadership wants MCOT to have a “white channel” image and sees the gay content as immoral, according to Matichon Online.

Afterwards, there was no news about the series for three weeks, and fans became restless.

Director New / Image via Twitter

But two days ago, Director New shared in a live stream video chat that he’s currently in talks with LineTV to see if they will distribute the show.

Line is a popular social media and texting app that’s used in several Asian countries. On top of that, LineTV is a Netflix-esque streaming platform that’s connected to the app.

While this new LineTV situation could be a saving grace for the series, there is one catch. He says the execs over at LineTV want to see if there is enough of an audience to warrant airing Love by Chance. As such, they’ve asked for a challenge.

New shared that the trailer for the series, found above, has to reach 1 Million views before they consider airing the show.

With MCOT seemingly cutting ties with Love By Chance, and possibly gay content over all, it looks like LineTV and this trailer are its only hope.

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