Florida Man Arrested For Drunken And Violent Tirade In Key West’s Gay Bar Area

The famous Duval street on Florida’s island of Key West was bothered by a drunk homophobe this past Monday.

Early Monday morning, 26-year-old Shane McCrea was enjoying a couple drinks at the gay bar called the Bourbon Street Pub. Then suddenly, the construction worker starting yelling out slurs and hateful phrases like “fa****” and saying they should be “burning in hell,” according to the Miami Herald.

At first, McCrea was peacefully removed from the building by the bouncer, but he later returned and punched the bouncer twice in the stomach. Plus, McCrea kicked a customer and called him a “f***ing fa****”

Once police arrived at the scene around 1 am, McCrea had moved over to the 801 Bourbon Bar. Then they confronted McCrea, which became another messy ordeal. McCrea was eventually arrested after being tasered, pepper sprayed, and strong-armed into handcuffs.

In addition, the police report says that McCrea shouted out, “I will kill all you cops!” while being transported to the county jail on the adjoining Stock Island.

Now McCrea is facing four counts of felony battery resisting arrest on law enforcement officers, five felony counts of threats against a public servant or their family, one felony count of enhancement  hate crime, and one felony count of resisting an officer with violence.

But that’s not all, he is also facing four misdemeanor charges of brawling in public, battery, criminal property damage, and disorderly conduct.

McCrea is currently on $46,000 bond.

Keep in mind that this is one crazy incident connected to a violent and supremely drunk man. Duval Street and Key West are otherwise great vacation spots for gay men. In fact, Instinct Magazine had not just one but two writers recently visit and love it there.

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