Folks Don’t Know If Mama Ru Was Hacked Or If This Is A PR Stunt

RuPaul (screen capture)

Where in the virtual world has RuPaul gone?

Fans noticed on Thursday, the 6-time Emmy Award winner had deactivated his Twitter account (“This account doesn’t exist”) and removed all posts on his Instagram account (“No posts yet”).


(screen capture)
(screen capture)

Just gone. Poof. Shantay-ed away.


The move has left many fans feeling confused, with one user tweeting: “Can someone please check on @RuPaul. Mother deleted everything on her Instagram.”

“Why did RuPaul just totally decimate his entire Instagram tho — what is happening?” tweeted another fan.


One fan, referencing the recent reports that Ru seemingly admitted to allowing fracking on his Wyoming/South Dakota property, responded asking “Did the oil wells dry up in Wyoming??”


Another posited that the world’s most successful drag queen had been hacked, posting a recorded video showing posts disappearing from Instagram one by one.

The fan wrote, “@RuPaul someone is hacking your Instagram and deleting your photos.”


Multiple outlets, including Instinct, have reached out to RuPaul’s reps about the deletions but received no comment.

Page Six points out that Season 10 Drag Race alum Kameron Michaels also wiped his Instagram account on the same day.

But early this morning, Michaels posted a note on the Gram of Insta saying he is ‘fine.’


“There is no stunt. No scandal. No big reveal,” wrote Michaels. “Without going into all the whiney details about my own personal issues, I simply want to start over.”

Michaels went on to say he cringed at many of his past posts because he began to tie his self-worth in reality “to that of my online content and I’m erasing that toxic behavior.”

He added, “As far as someone else doing the same thing I did, weirdly on the very same day…I have mo idea why they or their team erased their content.” 

Another coincidence – or not? – the timing of RuPaul’s deletions happened the same day as the debut of Canada’s Drag Race, the 4th iteration of the popular reality series.


While Mama Ru’s personal social media pages have been deleted or deactivated, for now, the official RuPaul’s Drag Race Instagram account remains active, although the most recent post was from June 12.

The 5th Season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars is currently airing on VH1.

(source: Page Six)

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