Former Homophobes Discuss Their Changed Opinions!

Former Homophobes Discuss Their Changed Opinions!

The LGBTQ Community Makes An Impact Every Day!

Growing up, I was essentially surrounded by homophobes. I mean, I was living with one – my mother. It wasn’t until high school that I would ever truly meet another person who openly identified as gay. I went fourteen years being the token gay kid – the joke. But, hey, don’t feel bad for me! I’m not only one of the fabulous Instinct Contributors, but I also managed to sway my families’ views on the LGBTQ community and now enjoy the pleasures of my wonderful, gay life. Although I’m happy and healthy, I sometimes recall the horrid amount of bullying and bigotry I’ve experienced in my life. Time heals all wounds, but those scars on my soul won’t leave.

I can confidently sit here and tell you I’ve been relentlessly bullied throughout grammar school and by two miserable boys in high school. The grammar school kids and one particular high school bully I’ve long forgotten. Seriously, I tried looking them up on Facebook just before typing this article…I couldn’t remember their names. One bully from high school I can never forget. We shared a ridiculous, random hook up and I have to owe it to social media for the reconnection. It’s not one of my finest moments, and is an odd memory since this boy used to make me cry on a weekly basis. Alas, I’ll always feel like I didn’t fully stand up to all of my bullies. Even more strange to know one of them is deeply closeted.

Throughout the years, and especially now, I’m wondering: What ever happened to those bullies and homophobes? Are they still horrible people or did someone change their heart? I have a former coworker who deemed herself homophobic until she met me. She believes that if everyone met someone like me; they wouldn’t be homophobic as well. People do change, even ones we don’t think ever will. Anything is possible.

Good ole’ Reddit comes to the rescue once again. They begged the question: Who turned around your homophobic views? Check out a few of the heartwarming, funny, and eyebrow raising responses below:

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