Former Sean Cody Model Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murdering Sugar Daddy

This is a truly messed up story that has some form of justice at the end of it all.  Former Sean Cody model & gay for pay porn star David Enrique Meza (who went under the stage name Francisco and also Mario Romo for other companies like NextDoor and MormonBoyz) has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his wealthy lover.

The reason as to why he did this?  Money. He was first found guilty back in May, and was just sentenced earlier this week.  His conviction in May was for domestic violence resulting in murder and conspiracy to obstruct justice in the slaying of 51-year-old Texas retiree Jake Merendino, who was found stabbed 24 times with his throat slit in a ravine near Rosarito, Mexico, on May 2nd, 2015.

On top of the life sentence, he was also ordered to serve an additional 20 years in prison for the conspiracy to obstruct justice.  In a news release after Meza’s sentencing, federal authorities described what he did to Jake as a “near-decapitation.”

“The Merriam dictionary defines ‘heinous’ as hatefully or shockingly evil, abominable,” U.S. District Judge Jeffrey T. Miller said at the hearing on Monday. “This murder was shockingly evil — excessively so.”

Per Str8UpGayPorn: Prosecutors proved that Meza murdered Merendino with the intent of then inheriting millions of dollars from the wealthy Texas man’s estate. During trial, prosecutors presented multiple forms of evidence, including Meza’s prostitution ads and gay porn videos, handwritten letters from Meza to Merendino, DNA samples, and photos of the couple in Mexico. In May of 2015, Meza slashed Merendino’s throat and stabbed him over 20 times in the chest and stomach, then dumped his body in a Mexican ravine.

David did not act alone in this, as his girlfriend Taylor Marie Langston (who helped David attempt to cover up the murder) also accepted a plea deal and was sentenced to 21 months in prison for obstructing justice. They both convinced Jake to to name David as his sole heir in a handwritten will. Then, shortly after his murder, David brought the will to the victim’s Texas lawyer in an attempt to claim an inheritance as Jake's sole heir.

David is now the second model from Sean Cody to be sentenced to life in prison for murder.  Jason Andrews (who went by the stage name Addison) was sentenced to life for murdering a gay man, although he will likely appeal his conviction. 

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  1. umm ‘Addison’, Jason Andrews

    umm ‘Addison’, Jason Andrews will NEVER see an appeal. He plead down his possible Death Sentence to Life in Prison to avoid possible Death Penalty judgement. 

  2. He should get the death

    He should get the death penalty. .and she should spend the ret of her life in's a disgusting murder. 


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