Frances McDormand was Robbed–and not in the Margot way!

After an attempt at delivering an empowering acceptance speech for women at this year’s Academy Awards, Frances McDormand had people questioning what kind of legal California reefer she had smoked prior to going on stage. Her nervous laugh had everyone at our Oscar’s viewing party cackling—but that’s just typical Franny behavior.



All that aside, while I had wished that Margot Robbie would have won for her portrayal of Tonya Harding in the biopic I, Tonya or that I suspected that Saoirse Ronan would have been given the honor for Lady Bird—McDormand still deserved the statue. I mean, she was still my 3rd pick.

And after McDormand did her post-award show interviews she headed to the Academy Awards Governor’s Ball, where anyone who’s anyone turns up to smile for the cameras and rub elbows with the top names in Hollywood—including the evening’s newest inductees into the Oscar hall of fame.

But the 90th Oscars gave Frances McDormand more to be flabbergasted about when her award went missing. That’s right—she was robbed, and not in the Margot or Saoirse way!



A mysterious man entered the party, snagged the prize and walked away and for a good while was being searched for.

When he was caught, McDormand insisted that he be let go, while authorities wanted her to press charges for felony grand theft. It would have been the safest thing to do—no Emmy, Grammy, Tony, Razzie would be safe—but Frances remained chill about the whole thing.

We need 3 more billboards: Stolen Oscar–And Still No Arrests?–How Come Frances?



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