Frankie & Ariana Grande Lend Their Voices To #RentSingAlong


RENT for me, bring back memories of carting 76 high school seniors from Southern Maine down to New York City to celebrate their graduation. The committee had solidified tickets for all of them to attend RENT, which at that time in the early 2000s was just slightly off Broadway, you know, the theatre by the Red Loster.  Most of the boys and many of the girls came to me, the new guide and school representative on the trip (they asked me one day before the trip took off to take over since the previous lead had something come up), and they moaned and groaned that they did not want to go. I stuck to the schedule and reiterated that they had planned the events and we were going to stick to them. Pouting, they took their seats for the first act to only storm me at intermission to talk excitedly about what they had just seen and heard. 


RENT holds different memories for all that see it.  It reaches people in a different fashion. As long as it is done well and stays true (unlike the High School Production of "Rent" Has a Disgusting Twist when the subject of AIDS was substituted with diabetes), the musical will touch everyone that watches it.

FOX will attempt a live version this January and we wish them the best. Gearing up to the big event, FOX is asking people to send in their version of 'Seasons of Love.'

To prime your creativity, FOX shared this video of Frankie and Ariana and others singing the numeric song.





I am beyond honored to have worked on this incredible project with my best friends in the world including my wonderful sister. Thank you Ariana for vocal producing as well as adding your magical voice to this beautiful song. I am so happy that I got to sing with you on one of our favorite Broadway songs from one of our favorite Broadway shows, RENT! Thank you Ben Gettinger for filming, directing & singing! Thank you to Jon-Erik Goldberg and Dominic Crossey for not only your vocal support but your emotional support & love that you give me every single day. I love you all so much and will cherish this moment for the rest of my life, so happy we filmed it! 

Also SO EXCITED to see RENT LIVE on FOX!!!

Join me and submit your performance of "Seasons of Love” using c, head over to for more information! RENT airs live on Jan. 27 at 8/7c on FOX. #ad

How did he do?  We thought it was well done, good enunciation of the "t" in "about."  But if we are going to be critical, we had better try our own version and send it in. Will you give it a go?


Head over to the Rent Sing-A-Long Website where these rules are shared.

To spread the excitement about RENT coming to Fox, we’re launching a nationwide virtual sing-a-long choir. How does that work? Hundreds of fans record videos of themselves singing along to Seasons of Love. We compile the best performances into one gigantic choral RENT-stravaganza of talent. Simple.

Want in on this? Here’s how to lend your voice: 

1. Following along to the sing-a-long video on this page, make a video of yourself singing along. Here are some tips to get the best recording:

– Try to find a quiet, brightly-lit space. We want to SEE and HEAR you.

– Wear headphones, so that sound from the video doesn’t end up in your recording. Or, sing-a-long with the video on mute while following the tempo of the lyrics.

– If you’ve got an external mic, use it. Sound quality matters!

2. Once you’ve got your performance locked down on video, share it to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the hashtag #RentSingALong for your chance to be featured in our Rent sing-a-long video. Submissions will be accepted from Wednesday Nov. 28th until Friday Dec. 14th.

3. We’ll get in touch if your video has been chosen to be featured in the RENT sing-a-long video featuring the best fan renditions from across the country! Good luck!

Here's the video to help you practice.  Good luck if you do it!






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