French Rugby Players Show Support For Gay Rugby Legend Gareth Thomas

French rugby players are honoring a former teammate who was recently the victim of a hate crime.


A couple days ago, former rugby player Garrth Thomas shared that he was attacked by a homophobic teen. Thankfully, Thomas was able to defend himself and was able to resolve the issue with the help of Cardiff police.

“I want to say thank you to the police who were involved, who were very helpful and allowed me to do restorative justice to the people who did this because I thought they could learn more that way than any other way,” said Thomas.


Now, French players are going to honor Thomas, who played in France for Toulouse between 2004 and 2007, Cardiff police, and the quick and humane way that they resolved the issue.

According to the French Rugby Federation’s Vice President Serge Simon, French players will wear rainbow laces during their match against Fiji in support of the former athlete.

As Simon tweeted:


“Dear Gareth Thomas, all of French Rugby is with you regarding the homophobic molestation you’ve been victim of,” Simon tweeted.

“To show our support, the French rugby players will wear a rainbow shoe lace during the France — Fiji game on Saturday night.

“We’re all in with you in this matter.”

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