FX Network Continues To Get A Lot More Gay

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A New Series ‘Pride’ Will Detail Six Decades Of LGBTQ Rights

Come through, FX Network! If you aren’t familiar with the popular cable channel; it’s graced us with progressive television series such as It’s Always Sunny, American Horror Story, American Crime Story, Nip/Tuck, Pose, and so much more. Most have been creations of mega-gay-genius, Ryan Murphy. Although I occasionally do have some issues with how Murphy tackles his ideas after a few episodes, not to the extent as Blake McIver, but I’m more or less stoked to see a cast of characters representing every color of the LGBTQ rainbow. FX has clearly seen the success of their LGBTQ focused series and is now bringing forward non-fiction LGBTQ programming.


According to New York Daily News, FX is releasing Pride, a six-part documentary told by various LGBTQ voices on the last six decades of the fight for equality. This will be the network’s first documentary to air in syndication. The series is being produced by Christine Vachon, who had a helping hand in 2015’s lesbian drama, Carol, so I’m banking on this being a must-watch.

I’m certain we’ll see some of FX’s staples, like Murphy and Pose standouts, Billy Porter and Indya Moore, as the narrators. But, I’m kind of hoping to see some stories from people who aren’t celebrities that we constantly see. I’d love to hear from the nurses in the hospitals when people were dying of AIDS, LGBTQ center advocates, and you know, people who were there. I think this can be an eye opening experience for the Millennials and younger generations to get a grip on how far we’ve came as a community. If our fight is not going to be in school textbooks, it might as well be on one of the most mainstream cable channels.

Pride has yet to receive an air date, but you can bet we’ll all be talking about it soon enough.

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