Gay Couple Shares Their Love On Twitter & Twitter Had A Field Day

A Baltimore gay couple got a surprise when a tweet sharing pictures of their loving embrace went viral.

US model and community activist Shahem McLaurin, who founded and runs the non-profit called the Baltimore Star Project which works to raise funds for youth in the Baltimore area, was surprised a couple days ago with his twitter account suddenly blew up.

McLaurin shared a tweet of him and his boyfriend Quincy cuddling up for a few selfies with an attached caption going, “I can’t wait to marry this boy.”

It seems that Twitter had a lot to say about this as the tweet then received 21,000 retweets, over 116,000 likes, and over 1100 comments.

As you might imagine, many of the comments were sweet in nature and praised the two for their open display of love.



Some are shipping the couple a little too hard…


And of course, with the good came the bad. There were also some Twitter users who couldn’t help but share negative words for the couple.



Luckily, there were also a few people willing to fight back against these negative thoughts.


That said, the couple didn’t let this get in the way of their love. McLaurin’s boyfriend simply retweeted the original post with an additional quote saying, “Hurry up damnit!”


In addition, McLaurin used this opportunity to spotlight his non-profit and to piss off some homophobes.


Congratulations to the happy couple and we hope the best for both in future. (Send pics of the wedding!)

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