Gay Singer Worried He’d Find His Son Sexy

 Gay singer Rufus Wainwright gave an interview with the British paper The Times and said some…interesting things. Breaking it down for you:

Having fathered a child with Leonard Cohen's daughter, he's glad the baby was a girl because "hate to be attracted" to a son. "I don’t think it would happen," he apparently laughed in response. "[It's just that] when I'm old and he is 35 and gorgeous…Well he would probably look like me. And I would be like, "Oh my God! I’m falling in love with myself!"" (Note to Rufus: Not helping!)

He's glad he doesn't have a big gay following, adding that gay men have "terrible taste in music." (And we're sure that's going to increase his gay following.)

And that being gay has hampered his U.S. career. "If I had been somewhat more strategic and less honest and gone with an asexual or bisexual persona, I think I would have been given a lot more opportunity and attention," he said. "But that being said I feel that my public, who have been with me a while now, have been grateful and appreciative of my honesty and are loyal."

Maybe there's such a thing as being too honest?

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22 thoughts on “Gay Singer Worried He’d Find His Son Sexy”

  1. I love the French music his

    I love the French music his mother and aunt did.  "French Record" (as it's known in the States) and "La Vache qui pleure" are brilliant.  So much for my bad gay taste in music.

  2. I think it’s hysterical. ┬áHis

    I think it's hysterical.  His name is Rufus for Pete's sake, don't you think he'd have some issues?  What gay man doesn't?!!  Lighten up you queens.

  3. Rufus thinks he’s attractive?

    Rufus thinks he's attractive?! Hahahahahaha!!!!!! That's the funniest thing I've heard all 1hour and 20 minutes of today. I think he looks like shit, personally. His talent and personality are equally shitty. What he said makes him out to be a total cum rag. He doesn't realize that the gay audience can break him. I would not pay money to this asshole perform. He just screwed himself in the ass.

    • His career is sinking! He

      His career is sinking! He sounds like a miserable troll. He singlehandedly set gays back forever. He's a Loser. And he's as worse as other bisexuals: Ricki Martin, Neil Patrick Harris, his friend, etc

  4. Stupid comments from Rufus.
    Stupid comments from Rufus. Actually gay people have excellent taste in music and we are the most loyal and dedicated fan base there is! Rufus’s music is not my cup of tea. He can’t blame his sexuality for not being more popular. Elton John and Melissa Etheridge have had spectacular careers because their music is awesome! As for his idiotic comment about possibly being attracted to his son if he had a son that looked like him, what a narcissistic jackhole. Get over yourself, Rufus, and it’s not even the slightest bit funny if you meant it as a joke. You should know better.

  5. That would classify him as a

    That would classify him as a pedophile. He just happens to be a low life and unfortunately gay. And if he meant to be funny he should have kept that joke to himself. I being a gay father of a handsome young man could never say or even would want that kind of relationship with my son. That's just gross.

    His comment was in poor taste and the meer thought of such a disgusting thought is in itself horrific. Good riddens to him and his career. That comment is way below the belt.  GET A CLUE YOU MORON YOUR A PARENT, NOW ACT AS SUCH !!!

    • I dotn’t think so… unless

      I dotn't think so… unless that term has change age ranges… because what he said was that when He was OLD and his (hypotheitcal) son was 35, he (his hypothetical son) would look like him (rufus), and he would think he was hot… basically saying that he finds himself attractive and would date himself… narcissistic ?  definitely !!!  pedophile?  not so much… I do agree with the first 6 words of your 2nd paragraph…

  6. Well he’s an artist so I

    Well he's an artist so I guess he can be excused for being a tad DELUSIONAL.  Although his level of success in the US can only be equated to his level of talent as an artist.

    I don't ever read about Elton John or Kd Lang blaming their sexuality for hampering their career prospects and David Bowie's bisexuality wasn't what made him the legend that he is!

  7. I’ve loved Rufus for a really

    I've loved Rufus for a really long time. I am gay, but I really fell in love with his music before I knew he was gay. He sounds like a moron with those statements. 

  8. This is what happens when you

    This is what happens when you are desperate for attention and a narcissist.  If you think you're pretty you are probably the only one thinking that.

    • This is the stupidest comment

      This is the stupidest comment I've encountered. I'm pretty….friggin awesome, and I'm definitely not the only one that thinks so. 

  9. Rufus could have also

    Rufus could have also mentioned that gay men bitch about each other like pre-teen girls–especially about the talented ones. He is funny and talented. Plus, I thought we gays were supposed to like people who acted like divas.  


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