Gay Spa Scene Reopening To Clients, Some Getting A Free Age Pass

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How clubs, spas, gay venues open back up during COVID-19, Delta variant times, that’s all up to them.  As long as it is safe and well-thought out. 

One such opening recently has been gaining some attention for its very wide opened arms and free entry to one demographic of the GBT community.

A DC men’s spa, The Crew Club, held a “soft launch”/reopening celebration on the weekend of August 20 (4 PM Friday to 8 AM Monday).  Yes, we are sure they were very happy to reopen now that the COVID-19 restrictions were lessened.

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Bravo to any business on reopening after making it through the 20-some-odd-months this pandemic has been going on. The Crew Club has said it is abiding by the mayor’s mandate requiring masks for indoor spaces. Masks must be kept on in public areas, and all visitors must show proof of vaccination to enter.

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Coming out of the pandemic, The Crew Club decided to try something new in the DC area for pricing and incentives. In an effort to appeal to a younger demographic, the club posted new pricing which included a free option: 18-to-24-year-olds would be granted free entry along with a locker. Other patrons would be offered single-day memberships of $38 for a locker, $46 for a small private room, and $50 for a large private room as seen below.

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On Monday after the big relaunch, a spa Twitter post stated 763 patrons visited the spa, with 273 on Friday evening, and Saturday serving the Crew Club’s busiest night. About 15 to 20 percent of patrons were aged 18 to 24, according to a tweet from the Crew Club’s official account.

Chris S. (last name not shared to  protect privacy), who manages 11 other spas and bathhouses throughout Canada and the U.S., said he plans to increase the number of patrons by offer deals and incentives like the 18-to-24-year-old discount, which he elaborated has been successful at other properties he’s managed. He shared with Metroweekly:

“The 18-to-24 promo has been really good for business. Also, the 18-to-24 demographic are usually students just starting out. So it’s a way to let them come in at an affordable rate and you can’t get more affordable than [free], right?

But, it won’t be a forever thing.” –

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Some are wondering, does this seem like the best business tactic ever? Developing a way to get new and fresh blood (and other fluids) interested in the Men’s Spa scene?

Others are wondering, is this just like ladies night at the “straight” bars? Invite women to come in and drink for free just so you get males on the prowl to come in and be around these free-drinking women?  But in this case, bringing in the fresh young meat for the older men paying $38 to $50 bucks for a 6 hour visitation right to the chicken farm. 

Or is this just a great break for college-aged kids (or even vaccinated high school boys 18+) to see if they like the spa scene before they invest 50 bucks of their own money on something they may not desire to do again.

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The Crew Club looks great in its amenities ( and looks like a place everyone should try once. We would love to go and check it out for ourselves. 

What do you think Instincters?

  • Do you think this business tactic is a great idea to get fresh “faces” into a spa?
  • Too pervy of a move to draw college boys into the den of older paying men?
  • Is it too soon to return to the spa scene?


9 thoughts on “Gay Spa Scene Reopening To Clients, Some Getting A Free Age Pass”

  1. Wow! Haven’t been to CC in 20 years. From those pics, they’ve raised the bar 3 or 4 notches. It used to be the nastiest club I’d ever visited. Bravo CC. Nice upgrade.

  2. At $40-50/night this is the only way you’ll get college guys in the door. First time I went to a bathhouse (about 5 years ago) it was all old dudes wandering around avoiding eye contact with each other.

  3. You know the old gross DC republican closet case trash was out in full force roaming those seedy hallways. Lindsey??? lmfao 😂🤣

  4. How about we stop using the term “pervy” for older men who are still sexually active? There are a lot of pervy young guys too.


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