Gay Weatherman Fired For Condemning Lockdown Protests

Images via KARE11 & Instagram @explorewithsven

One TV weatherman was fired after he made comments about the ongoing protests against state lockdowns.

Last month, Sven Sundgaard from St. Paul, reposted to Facebook a comment from Minneapolis Rabbi Michael Adam Latz about the protests. Rabbi Latz’s words compared the protestors to “White nationalist Nazi sympathizer gun fetishist miscreants.”


Sundgaard’s repost didn’t stay on Facebook, however, as right-winged news sources reported on the Facebook post. Then, Former congressman and media personality Jason Lewis tweeted out the comment, “Today’s forecast: mostly sunny w/ a chance of idiocy .. #Covid_19 models are about as accurate as his forecasts. @kare11 should fire him!”

According to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, Sundgaard’s workplace, KARE11-TV, did just that. Last Friday, the NBC affiliate news station posted to Facebook that Sundgaard was fired after working 14-years with them.

“Due to continued violations of KARE11’s news ethics and other policies, we have made the decision to part ways with Sven Sundgaard.”


While news coverage of Sundgaard’s post and firing have been primarily negative, many social media comments around the issue have been supportive of the meteorologist. Sundgaard, who is openly LGBTQ and has a boyfriend named Robert McEachren, recently posted his thanks for the support on social media this Tuesday.

“Your overwhelming support has been incredible,” he wrote on Facebook in his first official comment about the situation. “Thanks to those that have been sharing advice and information with me. Please keep all of this coming — it really does help me get through the days in this strange and difficult time.”


“Many have asked me about KARE11’s post regarding my employment and separation from employment,” Sundgaard added. “Here’s what I have to say about that for now: I disagree with and dispute my former employers claims and I am considering my options at this time. Thank you again.”

Source: Twin Cities Pioneer Press, City Pages

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