Ghanaian’s Gay Wedding Ignites Uproar And A Lawyer Calling For Revoked Citizenship

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The Ghanaian internet is currently heating up because of a gay wedding that happened… in America.

Stephen Kabutey Ofoi Ceasar (or Stephen Anertey Caesar as some media outlets are reporting) is a Ghanaian born man. He went to, and was a prefect (class leader) at, the Achimota (Motown) School in Accra, which boasts itself as a prominent British styled school that has bred future Ghanaian and Zimbabwean presidents as well as Nigerian governors.

After that, Ceasar reportedly lived in Mataheko, a suburb of Ghana’s capital city Accra, and reports that he then went on to become a tv show host for Smash TV and entertainment program on Metro TV.

But it was Ceasar’s latest accomplishment that is getting the people’s attention and that is the fact that he got married… to a man.

Stephen Ceasar moved to the United States of America to get married to his now husband Ryan Lathrum. The two got married in Sonoma Valley, California with their families and some of Ceasar’s schoolmates present.

The problem is that footage and video of the event have gone online and Ghana has gotten wind of it. And several people are not happy about the event.

While most of these hateful remarks are just people shouting out into the void of the internet, there is one man trying to lead the charge to actually attack and affect Stephen Ceasar.

Dr Maurice Ampaw is a controversial Ghanaian lawyer who is trying to make sure that Ceasar can never walk foot on Ghanaian soil again. And he plans to do that by claiming the man is "persona non grata."

As Ampaw argued on social media, “Ghana’s laws are against gay marriage and anal sex is illegal so if he as a Ghanaian has married a gay partner then he must be forced to renounce his citizenship or we have to denounce his citizenship in entirety because he is an illegality and ought to be refused visa at the embassy….”

Dr. Maurice Ampaw / via Facebook

And it seems that Ampaw’s bark isn’t without some bite as he has expressed that desire to connect with government and embassy officials to talk about taking away Caesar’s citizenship.

“He is an illegal person and must not try to enter Ghana,” Ampaw stated, “He even ought to go ahead and denounce his Ghanaian citizenship because we would not allow someone who is gay and has married under gay laws to come and contaminate our people here….”

Stephen Caesar has yet to respond to all the uproar that’s sparked after his wedding.

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