Good News: Tyler Posey Exposed His Butt Again

Teen Wolf and Scream star Tyler Posey has taken his pants off “uh-gain,” reports OMG Blog. And you know what? That’s great. The guy still has an outstanding, first-rate bum.

The 26-year-old Santa Monica-born heartthrob revealed his fantastic butt on YouTube’s Sideswiped series, and OMG Blog has GIF’d in all its glory. Here’s a sneak peek:

Fun facts: Posey’s first credited big screen role was in 2002’s Collateral Damage, an Arnold Schwarzenegger-led thriller. He lost the role of Jacob Black in Twilight to his friend Taylor Lautner.

Last year, Posey was announced as a series regular in the upcoming season 3 of MTV’s Scream.

To see more of Posey’s posterior (and trust us, you want to!), head on over to OMG Blog.

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