Government Contractors Arrested For Trying to Smuggle Drugs On A Gay Cruise

Atlantis Events is in the news again.


Two government contractors were arrested on Sunday after they were caught trying to get on a gay cruise to sell drugs.

According to Belleville News-Democrat, the authorities became aware of 35-year-old Peter Melendez and 27-year-old Robert Koehler after being alerted of their email correspondence. The two men used government-issued computers to email each other and discuss their plans.

The government contractors planned “to smuggle the narcotics into the ship and distribute it once on board the ship,” according to police records of the arrest. Before they could, a Homeland Security special agent intercepted the emails and alerted Miami-Dade police.






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Miami-Dade police then arrived at PortMiami in order to capture the two offenders. Once they were spotted, a K-9, named Bill, found the drugs in the men’s luggage. Police confiscated 27 grams of Ecstasy, 18 grams of Ketamine, and 246 grams of GHB. They found undisclosed amounts of Viagra and Adderall.

Melendez has been charged with conspiracy to traffic in illegal drugs and trafficking in illegal drugs. Meanwhile, Koehler was charged with trafficking illegal drugs.


As for the ship the two were trying to board, many outlets like Daily Mail and Chesapeake Today report that it was Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas, which is chartered by Atlantis Events. The seven-day party cruise, which can hold 5,400 passengers and over 2,300 crew, is scheduled to stop in the Bahamas, Mexico, and Honduras.

This event comes one year after Storm Chasers star Joel Taylor died while enjoying an Atlantis Events cruise. It was later discovered that Taylor died after taking a cocktail of drugs including ‘tricyclic antidepressants,’ MDMA, Ketamine and Zolpidem (commonly branded as Ambien). MDA (aka Sally), and amphetamine.

h/t: Belleville News-Democrat, Daily Mail, Chesapeake Today

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