Gus Kenworthy Doesn’t Take Anything From the Haters

It’s true that Instinct and other LGBTQ+ media outlets have been a little obsessed with Gus Kenworthy for the last few years. And why not? He’s a positive role model for the LGBTQ+ community, a medal-winning Olympic athlete, and he’s easy on the eyes—and the booty.

Kenworthy has been very open about his difficulty coming out, especially because of the fear of not being taken seriously as an athlete. But he has excelled, both as an athlete and as an out and proud gay man—setting precedent for other out athletes and Olympians.

Still, Kenworthy finds his share of criticism by internet trolls who want to discredit his abilities and can only look at him through big homophobic glasses.

But now another reason that we love Gus is his talent to clap back at homophobes or Debbie Downers who find it thrilling to bash him as they hide behind their keyboards.

Take this recent incident when a Twitter user who felt the need to comment on Gus Kenworthy’s athletic abilities since coming out.

Well, the athlete read the Twitter user when he brought the receipts in his response. So much so that the user has since locked his account so his tweets are protected. Oh, and his profile photo has been changed to Donald Trump—enough said.


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