Harry Styles Stripped Down For His New Album Art

Images via Columbia Records

Harry Styles is what in his new album?

Harry Styles is preparing for the release of his latest album Fine Line. In preparation of that, the British singer has shared the official album photos. And it turns out, he’s very naked in them.

The former One Direction singer recently talked to SiriusXM’s Morning Mash Up to talk about his new track “Adore You.” The conversation, however, quickly changed to the singer’s revealing artwork for his second solo LP.

One photo specifically shows Styles laying down pin-up boy style without his clothes on.


“Allegedly,” Styles joked before confirming: “Yeah, it’s me and I am naked.”    

Styles was then asked why the photo only appears in the album’s vinyl version and not the CD copy. He then responded, “I think if you were to fold a picture up into a CD booklet, no one wants a naked [picture] that small.”

Hearing news of the photos, many of Styles’ fans celebrated online.



So for Harry Styles fans who want these pictures of the singer shirtless and without any clothes at all, which were taken by fashion photographer Tim Walker, you’ll need to buy the vinyl copy of Fine Line on December 13. Enjoy.

Source: Digital Spy

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