Has Your Best Girlfriend Crushed On You?

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A Woman States She Has A Crush On Her Gay Best Friend And Isn’t Sure What To Do

A tale as old as time? Alright, I’m pretty sure at some point in our lives – although probably gay men and most women would agree – we’ve had a discussion about our magical wedding with our best friends. In the event that wishful day didn’t happen, haven’t you ever mumbled those terrifying words: “Well, if we aren’t married by thirty-five, let’s marry each other”? It’s scary to think that age is approaching for me in the next decade, but I know tons of us have said it. Chances are if you’re gay, you’ve probably said it as a mere joke to your best girlfriend out of the sake of your conversation. You never really take it seriously, right? Well, one woman is perhaps taking her best gay friend’s comments a little too literally.


Talk show host maven and Hot Topic pioneer, Wendy Williams, boasts a segment on her daily show called “Ask Wendy”. During the short segments between breaks, she gives her audience a chance to shine and plays therapist to them. Nine out of ten times, it’s going to be something entertaining and as she often says, people forget they are being recorded for television as they let their deep secrets loose. A twenty-nine-year old flight attendant made an outrageous claim: She’s in love with her best gay friend. Her reasoning is that he’s attractive and he mentioned to her that “if he was straight…” I’m sure you can finish the rest. Williams schools the women quite quickly by bolting out, “What the hell she was just saying?” Check out the fast clip below:


Williams face obviously says it all. Girl, what? Basically, it’s never going to happen. He wants what she doesn’t have. It turns out, however, that the topic isn’t so uncommon. The Dear Prudence section of Slate basically had a woman begging the same question; except she slept with the gay best friend and was worried he was using he as an experiment… even though she developed feelings for him. What in the world?! Did you know women sleeping with their gay best friends was even a thing?! Sexuality isn’t something you can just turn on and off…

Have you ever encountered a situation like this? What would you tell your best girlfriend?

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