Have You Taken the #ShampooChallenge?

Times are rough. Like really rough.

For most people this is months in self-isolation or quarantine and there isn’t a social media challenge left that people haven’t tried. It’s important to mention that by now, if you live alone or are in an unhappy relationship, you are likely experiencing the eagerness to have a deeper, more carnal, human connection that Zoom meetings just can’t fulfill. So what happens when your incredible urge to fornicate amid a pandemic strikes? A new social media challenge emerges and this one is definitely NSFW–or is NSF Home now?

We’re talking about the #ShampooChallenge. It has less to do with luscious and luxurious hair and more to do with what you can do with the bottle–gives new meaning to the term penis envy.

You may have seen these pictures popping up on Instagram. #ShampooChallenge calls for men, well-endowed men to be precise, to stand a bottle of shampoo on their fully erect–shut yer mouth! Now, whether those bottles are full of Pantene or not is none of our concern, what we really care about are the steamy bathroom pics emerging with full on VPL bursting out of quarantine.

We’re here for it.

Baby Licking GIF by America's Funniest Home Videos - Find & Share on GIPHY


In case you’re at home with your family, or your spouse, or if you are, in fact at your essential job, we will share some of our favorites, but let you do some more exploring on your own.

Just click on the links to see the FULL #shampoochallenge. It really does give you some perspect on how brand loyal some guys are!

There’s this one…

Twitter @FabrumsMind

And this one…Dove: The Secret of Beautiful Hair

Twitter @ChemiCollins

Also this one…we LOVE Dove

Twitter @iDavey

What about this one?

Twitter @blackca20868147

…We’re speechless about this one

Twitter @Kuiyaii

Head & Shoulders: Live Head First

Twitter @jhondgante

Who’s in the mood for coconut?

Twitter @Mabro107918

So Suave, Ultra Sleek & Smooth

Twitter @CRSBDasMe

Then there’s this one

Twitter @thatexaspapi

…And finally this one. Not shampoo, but a STANDING OVATION for the effort

Twitter @SaiyanCheep

Okay, doesn’t that just make you want to wash, rinse, and repeat?

Have you done the #ShampooChallenge?


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  1. Why is there a gif of a baby with his tongue hanging out in the middle of a story about erections? Not cool. Really inappropriate.


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