Here’s Another Great Reason to Support Wrestling

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Despite getting oiled up and grappling in speedos, professional wrestlers are struggling to feel accepted in the locker-room because of typical sports politics. Luckily, companies like IMPACT Wrestling are willing to partner with LGBT organizations to ensure all of its athletes and fanbase feel accepted. It was announced earlier this week that one of the biggest professional wrestling companies has partnered with the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA) to create a deal that benefits both companies.

Starting in February, IMPACT Wrestling and NAGAAA began sharing talents. Members of NAGAAA are frequently invited to IMPACT’s live and pr-recorded events. Also, athletes from IMPACT will participate in the 2022 Gay Softball World Series opening ceremony, which is a NAGAAA sponsored event in Dallas this August. It will be interesting to see how this partnership develops in the future. According to IMPACT’s website, further announcements are pending.


IMPACT Wrestling’s Vice President Scott D’Amore told Out Sports, “An intricate part of IMPACT Wrestling’s core values is to ensure diversity and inclusion, both in front of and behind the camera to accurately represent the cultural mosaic of our fan base. We are excited to have NAGAAA as a partner as we continue to grow our community outreach in cities across North America.”

Currently airing on AXS TV and receiving an estimated 150,000 viewers per week, IMPACT Wrestling features two out athletes on its weekly show. Jai Vidal, a gay wrestler, and Kiera Hogan, a lesbian and 2x tag team champion, have carried the torch for queer competitors across the promotion’s platform. Super fan and former independent wrestler Miguel Contreras is also heavily featured during public events.

NAGAAA is the leading softball platform for LGBT athletes across the Northern Hemisphere. Who knew nearly naked grappling and balls of any kind would go so well together?

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