‘Hot Summer Nights’ With Timothée Chalamet is Nothing Like ‘CMBYN’

Timothée Chalamet's career is red hot right now, partially due to him scoring an Oscar nomination for Best Actor in one of the most talked about & critically acclaimed films of 2017, Call Me by Your Name

Now that the hype around CMBYN is starting to die down, many of his fans are wondering what's next for this talented 22-year-old.  We now have that answered, as the trailer for his upcoming film Hot Summer Nights was released on Thursday.

Hot Summer Nights looks to be nothing like CMBYN whatsoever in terms of storyline, location, and most likely his sexuality in the Elijah Bynum directed film.  

The movie is about a boy who comes of age during a summer in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Timothée plays the lead role of Daniel, who gets sent away by what looks to be his mother (the scene revolves around them standing in front of someone's headstone at a cemetery) to spend the summer with his aunt. "Sending me away for the summer, what a cliche," his character scoffs.   

This leads to Daniel going to a preppy party of sorts while in Cape Cod before another character named Hunter Strawberry (played by Alex Roe) asks him to hide his drugs in a separate scene.  This transitions into Daniel's drug use starting, and then him going into the weed-selling business with Hunter as a result.

The rest of the trailer plays out a bit like movies we have seen before: Daniel falls for a girl named McKayla (Maika Monroe), who doesn't seem to have a clue about what business he's in, and sheer chaos looks as if it is going to erupt with the trouble that he has gotten himself into professionally. Hot Summer Nights is slated to be released in theaters on July 27th. 

See the trailer below:





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