How LGBT Was ‘Incredibles 2’? One Writer Says Very! We’re Not So Sure.

I had the chance to view Incredibles 2 the other day and I was pleased with the Pixar offering.  It was predictable, but still a great amount of fun. Thanks for the moms and kids that joined me in the theater.  I had a great time!  And if you keep reading, yes, there will be SPOILERS!

During the movie, I I did have a little gaydar go off when they introduced the new supers that were coming out of hiding.

Why did my gaydar go off? Well He-Lectrix was drawn well as was Brick, and Krushhauer and they had accents,  lol. Even the Owl and the burping older lava man seemed a little gay, like someone you would have seen at Tropics here in Wilton Manors. But I found myself almost saying out loud, you're just being stupid and you like He-Lectrix's big ears.

I did think, just like Heather Hogan of Autostraddle, that Void was just like Kristen Stewart, the voice, the look, the hair even and could be LGBT. But unlike Hogan, I stopped there.

In her post on Autostraddle, 'For a Movie That’s Not Gay, Incredibles 2 Sure Is Gay', Hogan jumps into a gay vortex that made here see more than that was there. 

Incredibles 2 finds itself being released in a time where we have the #metoo movement, women empowerment in Hollywood, and a push for more LGBTQ+ characters and representation in film.  I will give credit for Pixar/Disney for once again throwing in a semi expendable LGBT character (like its transformation of La Fou in Beauty and the Beast into an gay role) into a film.  We will keep seeing those for some time I am sure. Don't forget Timon and Pumbaa. Can you name more?

But where I feel Hogan goes wrong is to throw in a lesbian love interest between the villain Evelyn and Elasta girl.  And she's overly confident that she is 1,000% correct:

My case is airtight, but the best evidence I can give you for the fact that Helen and Evelyn are three seconds from kissing on the mouth in every scene of Incredibles 2 is that the ol’ boys club on Reddit hates this movie, which they call “a steaming pile” with a “ridiculous political / feminist agenda” that makes Bob a “hopeless buffoon” while the women speak with “heavy undertones of gender dominance.” Also they deemed it “very Finding Dory,” if you know what they mean and I think you do. –


She also cites another article that states Evelyn was originally supposed to be a male villain but was changed.

"We also had the chance to create a stronger rapport between her and Helen, something that was lacking with the Nelson character."

In the movie, the two of them don't talk about men. They bond over their jobs and their goals.

Evelyn opens up about Winston's role at the company and how she's really the one running the company without getting all of the credit. It's something Parr could easily relate to. She often took a backseat to her husband getting all the glory for being the more popular superhero. "Incredibles 2" put her front and center. –

I do not think the creators were looking to establish a lesbian relationship between the two lead characters. Are all powerful women who strive to be seen for their true worth now considered lesbians? Can we not accept these as powerful women without thinking, well, they must be lesbians!  As for the gazing into each others eyes and almost lip-locking, etc., I must have been eating my dum-dums and goobers during all of those times.

Incredibles 2 was a great movie, but it was not the LGBT movie of the summer.  I do see that the Kristen Stewart/Void character may be LGBT, but I don't see the lesbian power couple that some reviewers are preaching while wearing their rainbow colored glasses.

This is an opinion of one of the many Contributing Writers for Instinct Magazine and not the opinion of the magazine or the other writers.

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