How Many Condoms Are Being Given To Olympians In Brazil?

We watch these great specimens of humans compete with every ounce of strength and endurance.  Muscles pushed to the limit, trying to be the best, and giving it all they've got.  From August 5th to the 21st, we will get to see these athletes go for the gold, but what we won't see is them going for all that booty. 


The Olympics are first and foremost about sports (yes, table tennis counts). But for many of the athletes, the games are also one giant hookup opp. That's why organizers are supplying the Olympic Village in Rio with 450,000 condoms—42 per athlete.

The number of condoms being distributed in Rio is high, even by Olympic standards. It's an effort by the International Olympic Committee to prevent the spread of the Zika virus. Plus they want to avoid running out like they did during the Athens Games in 2004. Back then, Durex saved the day by donating 130,000 condoms "to smooth the performance of the world’s elite sports people in the arena and under the covers,” the company said.  –

So if there are 42 condoms per athlete and usually it takes two to tango so that would mean a possibility of 84 hook-ups in 17 days or almost 5 penetrations a day.  Will they have time to compete?

According to the Folha de São Paulo newspaper, which broke the story in May, the IOC is providing 350,000 male condoms, 100,000 female condoms, and 175,000 packets of lubricant. That works out to 42 “camisinhas,’’ Brazilian slang for condoms, per athlete. (In Brazilian slang, the term means “little shirts.’’ )

Recognizing the basic forces of nature, officials began passing out free condoms at Seoul in 1988. (Apparently, nobody had high expectations: that number was only 8,500.) But things heated up over the next several games: In Sydney in 2000, officials had to scramble to add 20,000 condoms to the 70,000 that ran out midway through the Games.

Scientists have confirmed that Zika can be sexually transmitted. It is unclear how long people infected by the virus remain contagious, but it appears to be at least several weeks.

Perhaps that is why the IOC is providing triple the 150,000 condoms it offered in London in 2012, when athletes each received 15 for the 17-day Games. –

I guess when you are the most fit people in the world, some of the prettiest humans ever, why not screw everything in sight. 

Let the games begin. pointed out this hilarious Olympic Sex video made by The Onion to highlight all the sex that was happening at the Sochi Games. Click on the image to be directed to the NSFW video.

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