How One Police Officer is Bringing LGBTQ Inclusivity to His Entire State

Hubba hubba, indeed.


Lieutenant James Tracy not only protects his entire community of Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, but he is also going out of his way to bring LGBTQ inclusivity to the police departments across Bergen County in the northeastern corner of his state.

NBC News released quite an incredible profile and interview with James, who helped initiate Bergen County Police Academy's first LGBTQ bias training program two years ago. He is now looking to expand this program throughout the whole state. 

Lieutenant Tracy started an initiative during LGBTQ Pride Month last June where every officer in his department wore "rainbow pride bracelets." This was intended to show the town's LGBTQ community that the police officers in their area are dedicated to being inclusive and support everyone's rights no matter who you are.

It also opened a dialogue between officers and residents who asked questions about the bracelets and how they themselves could get one. He has also dedicated some of his time to engaging with youth and training the next generation of law enforcement officers.


Oh, and what's even better is that he is an out and proud gay man, which he talks about in the interview with NBC News. He also discusses what inspired him to start the training program on LGBTQ bias in his hometown and some fantastic advice to other agencies that are interested in doing this. 

Check out the full interview here.


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