Injectable PrEP. New Study Starts To See If It Will Be Possible.

Have you struggled over the idea of starting PrEP?  What is stopping you from popping the daily pill?


Is it because you have to injest a pill every day? There may be a fix for that daily activity very soon with a long-acting injectable form of PrEP. 

The Phase III trial will work alongside the pill to determine its effectiveness.


“We urgently need more HIV prevention tools that fit easily into people’s lives,” said Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony S. Fauci, MD in a press release. “Although daily oral Truvada clearly works for HIV prevention, taking a daily pill while feeling healthy can be difficult for some people. If proven effective, injectable cabotegravir has the potential to become an acceptable, discreet and convenient alternative for HIV prevention.”

The study will enroll 4,500 men who have sex with men and transgender women who have sex with men at 45 sites in eight countries in the Americas, Asia and Africa. Participants will be aged 18 years or older and at high risk for HIV infection. [Participants will be in the study for an average of 4.5 years.] Results are expected in 2021. –



There is no statement as to when the injectable would be available to the masses if the results are in the positive.  And how often would you need to receive the injection?  Some sources say it would be every one to three months.  We'll have to wait for the study to be done for more information.

Would you use the injectable treatment if approved?

Or would you trust the daily pill?


Would you be more apt to be on Truvada / PrEP if it were an injectable?



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