Internet Branded Stupidity: Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul Jokes He’s “Going Gay For A Month”

In today’s news of stupid being stupid, we have the man pictured above.

So what did Logan Paul do now? Well, the most disliked YouTuber in the world made a dumb joke and now the internet’s using it to knock him down again.

On Wednesday, 23-year-old Paul spoke on his podcast Impaulsive about his New Year’s resolutions with co-host Mike Majilak. The two joked that each month would bring a new resolution and challenge.

“January is sober vegan January and then February….” Paul said, while Majlak added, “Is fatal February.”

“The exact opposite,” Paul added.

“It’s male-only March,” Paul said. “We’re going to attempt to go gay for just one month.”

As you can imagine, the internet didn’t respond well to the joke. Especially Twitter (as always).

Let’s face it, this is the kind of humor that would be favored by a 23-year-old who caters to teenagers and pre-teens. It’s just as immature and simplistic in mentality as Logan Paul himself.

At its core, the joke makes fun of gay people by stating that going gay is a choice.That said, it's not really that big a deal. It’s just a dumb joke that warrants no more than an equally simplistic statement of “that’s stupid.”

So why am I writing about it here? Why am I “giving an idiot attention,” as I’m sure several Facebook comments will ask in the next couple of minutes?

Honestly, because people will click on it and comment. That’s the name of the game in social media, news, Facebook land, etc.






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I would have loved to ignore this entire story. Let Logan Paul remain a stranger and unnecessary existence that I don’t have to engage with. Unfortunately, the story was requested in the pool of stories/subjects to write about.

Even less fortunate, humanity loves stupidity (despite what angry commenters like to believe).

Let's jump back in time a little and remind us about the stupidity and insensitivity that is Logan Paul. When he first reached controversy this time last year, the internet had a field day.

Logan Paul did a series of videos covering a trip to Japan. In the middle of his journey, he walked into a forest and discovered the body of a citizen who had committed suicide.  Paul decided to edit the shocking footage into one of his videos and publish it on YouTube.

Many internet users, fellow YouTubers, and news sites condemned Logan Paul for the video and his reaction to the moment. Many called for him to be banned on YouTube all together. For Logan Paul, it was his first major controversy.

“I had never had a crisis before, ever,” Paul previously told the Hollywood Reporter .

“I know I’ve made mistakes. I know I’ve let people down. But what happens when you’re given an opportunity to help make a difference in the world?” he said. “It’s time to learn from the past as I get better and grow as a human being. I’m here to have a hard conversation as those who are suffering can have easier ones. “





it took me 23 years of mediocre work to acquire this much swag

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Logan Paul later deleted the video, apologized, uploaded a seven-minute video about suicide education and prevention, and temporarily shut down his YouTube channel.

Then despite his middle-school leveled sense of humor, Paul showed the wisdom of his age in one February vlog.

“I’m not going to try to ignore it, I can’t ignore it — so I’m not going to pretend like that didn’t happen,” he said in the February 2018 vlog.

“I know for a fact everything I do from this point on will get criticism, it will get backlash, because I’m a very polarizing dude,” he continued. “You either love me, or you hate me. … So internet, please, use me, bro. Crucify me, vilify me, and I can promise you one thing, guys — I’m not going anywhere.”

And you know what? He’s completely right.

As much as I, or anyone else, may dislike him, many of us enable him by indulging ourselves in self-righteousness.

Logan Paul makes a stupid joke on his podcast and multiple people on twitter jump at the chance to criticize him. Many media sites, even us, then jump at the chance to write about it because they know many will click on articles to also hate on him. Those people will then comment things like “what an idiot” and “don’t give idiots attention.” Of course, these comments on social media will then show engagement and the story will be shared even more. On engagement-focuses algorithms like Facebook’s, this actually helps news sites. And ultimately, this creates a lot of free publicity for Logan Paul.






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As much as I personally, and many of you out there, wish idiotic displays like Logan Paul's didn’t receive attention, they do because it’s basically lucrative for everyone involved. That’s the name of the social media/news business. It’s the reality we’re all dealing with. And weirdly enough, Logan Paul is smart enough to see it and use it.

So yes, Logan Paul made a dumb joke. And yes, we and others are writing about it. 

But, I hope to have at least poked at the real issues with journalism and its unfortunate need for characters like Logan Paul. Sadly, he’s easy money and he's here to stay. Dumb jokes and all.

h/t: Hollywood Reporter

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